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Malakka Native Sup board construction technology

Malakka SUP boards are fully inflatable, have no rigid structure. Between the cover and the hull, a network of polyester threads is distributed that allows to give and maintain the shape of the board once it is swollen. This structure keeps the board rigid when subjected to the recommended inflation pressure. This is the technology called DROP STITCH.

Our boards are made of PVC reinforced fabric makes it a lightweight but at the same time very robust material.

DROP STITCH is a technology tested in other areas, such as the construction of larger vessels or even in the manufacture of wings of light aircraft, this technology allows to obtain parts of extreme rigidity but with the benefits that is obtained as an inflatable support for subsequent storage.

Safety valve for inflation.

The Malakka Native Sup boards, equipped a large safety valve with push system, and... how does it work? It's very simple.

Remove the valve cover.

We connect the pump nozzle by fitting it and turning it clockwise and check that it is perfectly connected.

We can now start inflating our board with the pump supplied next to the table.

The most suitable pressure for optimal use of our Paddle boards is 12 – 15 PSI. (Recommended pressure indicated on the valve on the board).

Manageable, sturdy and lightweight board.

Some of the most noteworthy features is the perfect combination between lightness, robustness and truly amazing navigability, having the performance of a rigid board but with the advantages for storing and transporting an inflatable board makes the new Malakka boards a very important option to consider.

All our models are equipped with anti-slip platform and a central handle to assist in your transport.

Finally one of the essential points for this type of board is the removable center keel supplied in the pack, large to help stability and navigation in a straight line.

The accessories included in the Pack are:

- 1 removable central quilla to assist in transport.
- 4 auxiliary quillas integrated into the table.
- 1 Complete repair kit with adhesive included.
- 3 Removable rowing in 3 pieces to carry it with great ease and adjustable in height.
- Single-acting inflation pump with pressure gauge to control the swelling pressure.

malakka maxi

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