We leave you some of the most frequently asked questions. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

A.- Do you ship kayaks home?
Yes, we ship home. Kayaks are delivered anywhere on the peninsula at a cost on the part of the customer of transport of 45 euros per single kayak and 60 euros the double kayak.

B.- Do shipments to the Canary Islands have additional costs?
In shipments made to the Canary Islands there are variable customs charges, depending on the value of what has been purchased. You must also pay the IGIC (General Indirect Tax Canary), corresponding to the 7% legally imposed, on the value of the invoice, which will go without the peninsular VAT.

Do kayaks have a guarantee?
Atlantic kayak, for your total tranquility, gives you a 36-month warranty on the kayak hull. If for any reason there is an anomaly, do not worry, we will replace your kayak. Boat accessories are excluded from the warranty.

D.- The Porte Baja for the purchase of several kayaks?
If more than one kayak is purchased jointly and shipping is to the same address, transportation prices drop. You'll get a 10% discount on each additional kayak.

Can I pick up the kayaks in the warehouse?
Of course you can!! Stop by our facilities located in the main artery of the Guadalhorce Industrial Polygon, in Malaga,
This is our address : Intelhorce Sugar Road, no. 140B, Guadalhorce Industrial Polygon 29004, Malaga. We would love to meet you in person!!

What forms of payment do I have?
You can pay in the most comfortable way for you:
By bank transfer, through SERVIRED payment gateway, 100% secure, through Paypal (has a commission surcharge) or against refund (with an additional charge of 5% of the purchase). You also have the option to be able to finance your purchases and pay comfortably without any interest.

Do you make the Kayaks?
The manufacturing process takes place in modern facilities located in china's Zhejiang region, a nautical area par excellence in the Asian giant. The entire manufacturing process as well as quality control is verified by our staff in the facility itself, as well as the entire logistics process, to our facilities located in Malaga, Spain.

What does self-service mean?
The design of the kayak is carried out by distributing several drain holes along the boat, each equipped with a rubber stopper called "Scupper".
When, under any circumstances, water enters the boat, proceed to remove the plugs and shovel to get you moving. this will empty the stagnant water in the kayak through the drain holes. Put the plugs back on and you're done.
Take them off when you're riding waves.

What are rotomolded kayaks?
Rotomolding is the production process through which a polymer is introduced in liquid or dust state into a mold and it, when rotated on two axes perpendicular to each other, adheres to the surface of the mold, creating hollow and closed parts.
All our kayaks are made of LDPE poletilene, 4.5 to 5 mm thick, using the rotomolding system for its construction. Using this technique, the helmet transforms into a solid piece within the rotating mold, thus offering us greater strength and maximum safety.

J.- For safe browsing.
It's vitally important that you know the basic safety rules before you go sailing on your kayak.
Atlantic Kayak is not responsible for your safety at any time. Therefore, to minimize the risks, we strongly ask you for the utmost caution when leaving, the greatest respect for your environment and above all, never underestimate the strength of nature.
Basic guidelines for going sailing safely:
If you can, don't go out alone. Meet more kayakers to practice your favorite sport.

IMPORTANT: Don't go out when weather conditions are adverse.
Always check your kayak and all the equipment before starting your activity. It's going to take you a long time.
Always carry your mobile phone.

Leave a review to your family or friends in the area you're sailing through and the estimated time of your departure.